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This is the Terms of the condition of It is a digital record in terms of the Infomation Technology Act, 2000 and rules and regulations under as applicable and the provisions about digital records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000 India. A computer system generates these Terms and conditions, and it does not require any digital or physical signatures.

These "Terms and Conditions" record the contractual agreement between you ("you," "your") and ("Isellers/ Isellers Website/Website"). If you make a transaction on Isellers, you shall be subject to the website's policies that are strongly applicable to the website/Isellers Website for such transactions. You shall be contracting with Isellers Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Company Act, 1956 with head office at 39, Khara vad Plot At. Virpur (Jalaram) Ta. Jetpur District Rajkot Gujarat, India and this TOC constitute your binding obligations.

For the purpose of Isellers Terms of use, whenever the context so requires "You" mean any legal or natural person who has agreed to become a member of the isellers website by providing information/data while registering on the a website as registered using smartphones or using the computer system of the Isellers.

When you use any of the services which is related to Isellers or provided by the Isellers, You will be subject to the guidelines, rules, terms, policies & conditions applicable to service, shall be regarded to be incorporated into this Terms of Use and shall be considered as part of Isellers Terms of Use. Isellers reserves the right to change, modify, discretion, remove or add portions of terms of use at any time. Now it is your responsibility to check the Isellers terms of condition regularly for changes. If you are continuously using our services or website following the posting of changes, it means that you accept and agree to the Terms of condition changes, you solely comply with Isellers terms of use, Isellers grants you a personal, limited privilege, non-transferable, non-exclusive privilege to enter and use our website.

Browsing, accessing or using our website indicates your agreement to all the Isellers terms and conditions in this agreement, So we request you to please read this agreement carefully before using our website or service.

Membership Eligibility

The Isellers website is available to the users who enter into a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Users who are "incompetent to contract including minors are not eligible to use the Isellers website or services. If you are under the age of 18, i.e., minor, you are not eligible to use our service or website and shall not transact or use our website or services. As a minor, if you want to use our services or website, In such conditions, the transaction may be made by a responsible person, parents or guardian who has registered as a user of the Isellers. Isellers have all reserve right to discontinue your membership anytime without giving any prior notice or if you discovered that you are under the age of 18 years or incompetent to contract as per government applicable laws.

Your Accont & Registration Obligations

Suppose you are a member of Isellers or use Isellers. In that case, You shall be responsible for confidential information like Account Password or User ID. You shall be responsible for all the activities carried out within your account. Furthermore, you must agree that if you provide any sensitive information that is inaccurate, not true, incomplete, not present or Isellers has great security team to suspect that such irrelevant information is inaccurate, not true, not complete, not present, or not compatible with this terms of use, Isellers have all reserve right to find out such information and close, terminate or suspend access of your membership immediately with Isellers, and it leads to close permanent access to the website.


When you use the Isellers website or transact other data or send electronic mails, information or made communication to Isellers, You understand and agree that you are communicating or contacting with Isellers through electronic/digital records, and you consent to receive emails or communications via electronic records from Isellers regularly and as whenever we required. Isellers may contact you or communicate with you by electronic mail (email) or by such other mode of electronic communication.


Isellers membership is free to use. Isellers does not charge any fee or charge for using or browsing and transaction on Isellers. However, Isellers have all reserve right to charge free anytime and can change our policies in future. In particular, Isellers may introduce new services and modify existing or some services offered on the Isellers. In such condition, Isellers reserves, without giving any prior notice to you, we have a reserve right to introduce fees for the latest services offered or maybe introduced a new fee structure for our existing services, in the case. Charges to the fee is automatically effective immediately once we introduced or implemented them on Isellers. All fees shall be charged in Indian Rupees only. You are only responsible for compliance with all applicable Indian laws, including those in India, for any transaction or making payment on Isellers.

Use of Website

You must agree, confirm and undertake that the given blinding principles shall strictly follow your use of Isellers:

You shall not display, upload, host, modify, change, transmit, publish, share, alter or update any information that:

(a) Information which is related to another person and information which you don't have any right to: or

(b) Content that is harassing, grossly harmful, defamatory, blasphemous, pornographic, obscene, libelous, paedophilic, hateful, invasive of another's privacy, or racially, disparaging, objectionable, encouraging or relating money laundering or gambling or any other unlawful in any manner whatever, or unlawfully harassing, or unlawfully threatening including but not limited to "indecent representation of women" within the meaning of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986; or

(c) Any Misleading information in any way; or

(d) Content/Information/Data is patently offensive to the online groups or community, such as content/information that promotes obscenity, racism, pedophilia, hatred, bigotry or, or sexually explicit content any physical harm of against any community, group or individual; or

(e) Content/Information/Data that advocates harassment of any other person or harasses; or

(f)  Content/Info/Data involves the transmission of "chain letters" "junk mails or spamming, or

(g) Content which promotes illegal activities or conducts that is threatening, abusive, obscene, or libelous; or

(h) Content that violates any third party rights; or

(i)  Promotes unauthorized or an illegal copy of any third person's copyrighted work; or

(j) Pages that are restricted or password-protected, or hidden images or pages; or

(k) Materials that exploits people in a violent, sexual or otherwise solicited personal information from any person or inappropriate manner; or

(l) Content that provides instructional information that leads to illegal activities such as buying or making illegal weapons, creating or providing computer virus or violating someone's privacy; or

(m) Video, Images or photographs of another person without his or her permission or permission of the consent of his or her parent or guardian in the case of minor; or

(n) Trying to get unauthorized access to the websites or profiles, communities, blogs, Account information, friend request, bulletins or other areas of the website which is protected with passwords or personal identifying information for the commercial or unlawful process from the users; or

(o) Engages in any commercial activities or sales without Isellers prior written consent such as sweepstakes, contests, pyramid schemes and barter advertising or the selling or buying of "virtual" items related to the Isellers site.

(p) Engages in any gambling or solicits gambling; or

(q) Interferes with other user's use and enjoyment of the Isellers website.

(r) Refers to URL or website that, in the sole discretion of Isellers.

(s) Content that harm minors in any way; or

(t) Infringes trademark, patent, copyright or any other proprietary right or rights of publicity or third party's trade secrets or involve the sale of stolen or counterfeit items or shall not be fraudulent; or

(u) Violates any law for the time being in force; or

(v) Misleads or deceives the users/addressee about the origin of such information/messages or communicates any information which is menacing in nature or grossly offensive; or

(w) Impersonate another person; or

(x) Information/content/data contains any software virus, malware designed to destroy, interrupt, limit the functionality of any computer resources; or

(y) Information/Data/Content that threatens the integrity, unity, security, defense or sovereignty of India; or

(z) False, misleading, inaccurate information; or

(aa) Shall not, indirectly or directly, trade, attempt to offer or attempt to trade in any item; or

(ab) Shall not create liability for our website/us or cause us to lose the service of our suppliers or ISPs.

Content Posted On-Site

All graphics, text, photographs, visual interfaces, logos, trademarks, music, sounds, computer code, artwork, including but not limited to design, selection, structure, expression, coordination, look and feel, and arrangement of such important content, contained on the Isellers is controlled, licensed or owned by or to Isellers, and all information/data/content is protected by a trademark, patent, copyright and trademark laws and various other intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws.

No part of the Isellers and no content may be reproduced, copied, uploaded, republished, encoded, publicly displayed, distributed or transmitted in any way, including mirroring to any other server, computer, website or any other medium for distribution or publication for any commercial enterprise, without Iseller's express prior written consent.

Other Businesses

Isellers does not take any liability or responsibility for the products, actions, services, or content on the Isellers website, linked to third-party websites or affiliates using Isellers API. Isellers may provide links to any third party websites of affiliate businesses for which, Isellers assumes no responsibility for evaluating or examining the services or products offered by them, and Isellers does not warrant the offerings of any oth these individuals or businesses or the content which is available on the third-party website(s). Isellers does not participate in any way endorses any third-party content or website(s) thereof


Isellers always welcomes links to this website. You may create a hyperlink to Isellers website, provided that the given link does not imply or state any endorsement or sponsorship of your website by Isellers. You must not use on your website or in any other manner any trademarks, any other materials or any service marks appearing on the Isellers, including any characters or logo, without the express written consent of Isellers and the owner of the materials or mark. 


We view the protection of your privacy as an important principle. We clearly understand that your personal information and you is one of our important assets. We process and store your personal information on the computer is highly protected by the latest technology standards and procedures under the Indian Information Technology Act 2000 and rules thereunder. Our current privacy policy available at If you have any issue to your information being used or transferred in this way, please stop using Isellers website immediately.

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